Monday, September 04, 2006

Welcome to Honduras--start at the bottom!

And a last one of the house...the kitchen.

But this is the table we use when we are all together--this was taken during a banana pancake breakfast this Saturday.

Our small table and large library of resource books...

The other side of my room.

My room with the lovely fan.

Our work space--I had a better picture of this, but this shows us in action. Can you spot my laptop? :)

This is my house!

The first view of Honduras as I waited for my ride from the airport.

The view from my red eye flight to eyes were pretty red too.

All of the stuff I dragged around various airports! I had slight back problems for a few days, no joke.


Blogger dumela83 said...

oooo looks like you are having a good time with good people

7:23 PM  

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