Friday, August 25, 2006

It thunderstorms everyday.

After two weeks of abandonment, this afternoon I picked up my laundry and began the endeavor of washing them by hand in the pila (think giant concrete box about the size of a refrigerator box). I got through about 5 articles of clothing when I heard a few rumbles in the distance. “That is NOT what I think I think it is,” I said to my housemates reading and lesson planning in the hammocks on our back porch. But it was, and now a mild tropical storm is blowing on my freshly washed clothes. I continued to wash about 5 minutes into the storm before if just didn’t feel right to be outside. This probably means that our water will go out like it tends to do after a large storm and that I will probably go on in my current stench another day. Last night we also lost water and power for awhile. Our first substantial blackout so we videotaped :) We have lots of homemade candles in wine bottles left behind by previous volunteers. And, well, speaking of losing power, it just happened again. It gets pretty dark in this house when the power is out!

There are so many that have made me laugh lately. My housemates’ creativity when it comes to tortillas for one. We have not only eaten leftover chocolate frosting on hot tortillas, but last night my housemate made garlic tortillas to go with our spaghetti. And boy were they good!

Yesterday my kids had P.E. and it is wonderful that my housemate’s boyfriend is here for a month or two and he is being the P.E. teacher for the whole school. Watching him trying to get my second grade kids to play baseball (in English) was a hoot. They did a pretty good job, but at one point we did do a little yoga in the outfield. During P.E. I found that one of my students used a small string (please try to picture this) from his pants to tie his thumb to his wrist. It got stuck and was cutting off circulation when I found him and he told me that he couldn’t feel his finger anymore. I tried not to laugh as we walked quickly back to our classroom and I cut him out of the mess. Not even an hour later another of my students got a wad of gum stuck in her hair.

Well, that is all I am going to write for now because whenever I start writing I just keep going on and on!

Shoot me an email and let me know how you are doing! Jen Loo, thank you for your faithful blogger comments! :)



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Yay me! I got a name drop. :) I can't help but comment...I LOVE your crazy stories; always have! I have a mystery poster on my blog...kind of weird, you know anything about that?

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