Friday, August 18, 2006

I think it would be so interesting to read the blogs of the different people that are here with me in Honduras. I’m pretty sure that we are all not just approaching this experience differently, but also dealing with it and responding to the struggles differently.

For example, I don’t tell you that my kitchen sink is broken and we do our dishes with a pail of water that we constantly have to refill from the giant trough of water in the backyard to say poor me, or how terribly inconvenient is my life. I tell you in order to give an example of how my daily activities have changed and share with you a piece of what my life looks like in a place where when something breaks, it might take awhile to get fixed. I don’t tell you about the persistent, creepy man on the plane in order to say whoa I must be hot stuff or something, but so that you may laugh with me about the random circumstances that come up regularly.

So random circumstance: Tonight my team layed some soccer against some Spaniards that are in town working with a (Spanish?) NGO and a clinic in town, our Honduran colleagues at school, and some local firemen (that the Spaniards are staying with). Even though we tried to mix up to make even teams, my team got super creamed. It was still fun. At the end of the game the rest of the firemen on duty came with the truck and turned on the lights :) By then it was dark and we climbed into the back of Don Max’s truck for the bumpy ride home. I sat around in my sweat for awhile waiting until it was close enough until bedtime to shower. The funny part is that I shower and then coat myself with bug spray which I’ve decided doesn’t work because I am now up to 37 mosquito bites on my legs alone. Ugh. I look diseased. I would post a picture, but it is too gross.

I have to get to sleep now because we are leaving the house tomorrow at 7:30am for meeting at school with Principal Mabel and the Honduran teachers and then observing a Honduran public school from 10-noon. The afternoon will probably be spent doing more lesson planning because we are going away for the weekend. School starts next Wed.!!! Ahhhh!! So much to do before then! But I am super excited :) I hope I’m ready by then.



Blogger hooshotjr said...

Hey! I've got a question for you. Do you swell up really bad from mosquito bites at home? Do you in Honduras? I swell up really bad at the bugs at home, but the ones in Florida are fine. All my roommates at Disney were freaking out because they were getting all puffy...I wasn't and I laughed. Is that mean?

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