Saturday, August 26, 2006

I love the weekend.

It is my first Saturday here in Honduras where nothing has been planned for me (except a karaoke commitment later today—at the home of one of my students no less!). I slept in until 9:30—getting 4 more hours of sleep than usual. It was Wonderful. Laying in my bed awake, but not needing to get up, but just enjoying the sun streaming through my window and listening to the gentle purr of the fan was the closest thing to home that I have experienced so far. I got up and Harvey (the boyfriend/P.E. teacher) was making us all pancakes for breakfast and a coffee pot full of coffee that came from our friend’s farm up the mountain was still nice and hot. Mmm.

Random note: There is a gecko that lives in our coffeemaker. We haven’t given a name for him or anything, we’re not that tight, but I guess the trick to making good coffee is first checking to make sure there isn’t any lizard poop in there.

I have spent the remainder of this morning moving my still wet laundry to the clothesline in the sun, re-soaking the ones that were left outside during the storm, and trying to combat the kitchen ant issue that arose this morning. In our pajamas wearing socks pulled up to our shins with flip flops we washed down every surface with Limpiox. Then, completely filthy with cleaning supplies, sweat, and four days of yuck, I got to take a shower. So now the lesson planning must commence for the day. But I thought I would write a little bit as I listen to good ole Rosie Thomas.


Blogger hooshotjr said...

Socks and flip flops? Wow're really cool. :D I'm imagining you as some sort of super hero and that's your uniform...behold, Ant-Killer Girl!

8:44 AM  

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