Monday, September 04, 2006

and a few words...

We are some workaholics over here in what our mentor/administrator fondly calls Gringolandia, our house, but we finally got out this weekend for a soccer game in the city. We hopped on the bus where we spent the entire 40ish minute ride belting out cheesy 80s love songs that were played on the radio. I was so excited I could barely wipe the grin off of my face as we walked to the Olympic stadium. We bought tickets and headed in where it was a high security operation. The guard at the door told me that I couldn’t bring my purse into the stadium to which I responded, “Well then, where do you expect me to put it.” He was less than sympathetic, but another guard took notice when I started shoving the contents of my purse (bug spray, baby wipes, Dramamine, IBprofun, sunglasses case, water bottle, etc.) down my pants or strapping them to my body. He took pity on me or thought I was being ridiculous so they let me enter after a brief search. As it turned out, the entire stadium was decked out with military guards—one every few feet. We didn’t know it beforehand, but this was a pretty intense rivalry! They were there in case things got out of hand! One funny part of the game was when the ball actually got kicked at one of the guards and knocked him over. Again, I was so excited I started to giggle without reason. There were guys tossing bags of confetti (sealed at this point) into the crowd. Danilo, one of the teachers that we work with, made sure that we all got bags of confetti. Even before the teams came out onto the field the bouncing up and down and chanting of cheers began. When they finally ran onto the field confetti filled the air. It was the closest thing to a snowstorm I bet anyone will see in Honduras. Everyone jumping up and down, throwing confetti, and wahooing. It was quite the experience. Then everyone started doing this chant with a hand motion. I joined in not really knowing what they were saying. Danilo quickly stopped me, telling me that I was doing something very vulgar and that my students would see me on tv doing it! Whoops. I’m curious to know what exactly I was saying. I thoroughly enjoyed the game though neither team scored. There were about 15 REALLY CLOSE shots. The fact that no one scored was probably better for safety walking the 20 minutes to the bus pick-up spot. On the way home it started thunderstorming (I told you it does every night!) and our bus slipped off of the road a little bit. No problem though. When we got off the bus we jogged through the muddy puddle-ridden streets in the thunderstorm to our house about 4 blocks away. It was one of those can’t help, but laugh moments. It was an all around great night out

I am still enjoying my job and getting to know my kids. Hilarious things happen everyday. One cause is what I call trigger words. When my students hear these trigger words they break into song. I’m not joking. It is kind of like a weird musical. Trigger words include: Monday, boom, beaver, and clap. I think I might have found them all :) Today they were bad…probably because they couldn’t hear me. The band started practicing after lunch and continued until the end of the day. You might think that it wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but since my classroom doesn’t have real windows or doors, just openings in the concrete, it is pretty much like having class in the band room. It doesn’t help that 99.8% of our band is percussion. My students stood up and started dancing and banging on things, and couldn’t hear me when I asked them to stop! Ahh! I am planning a little better for tomorrow afternoon when it will probably happen again.

Can I just tell you how much I like tortillas? Man, I love tortillas. I love the women that have welcomed me into their home and helped me practice this important skill. I don’t go often because I know that when I got to pick up some tortillas they will make me make them all myself! This is a long ordeal because I am so slow and they have to fix every other tortilla I attempt :) I am so thankful for their patience and encouragement. Last night I made 20 so that me and all of my housemates could eat tortillas and guacamole for dinner. We are pretty much addicted to guac over here. We have an avocado tree in the back that feeds the addiction! We do some weird food combos over here. Last night my roommate ate the guac over spaghetti.

Ok—it is past my bedtime. It is 9:32! Ha! :) Can you even believe it!? But this is the same girl that needs to get up befote 5:30am to wash her clothes by hand. Ugh. Must take shower.

Over and out. Shubs.


Blogger hooshotjr said...

Love it love it love it. SO jealous that you got to see a live pro soccer (scuse me, futbol)game...I've become a fan thanks to Michelle and don't know them, but they're cool. For some reason, I feel like you've met Michelle though, don't know why. Your kids are so cute too. Have a good week!

7:49 AM  
Blogger alissa (now) edwards said...

So the avocados sound really tasty, and when you come back I want to see these mad tortilla skills. Your classroom looks nice and cheerful, yeah rah? for the drum line. Thanks for the picture they are fun and help me see your world so much better. You keep right on laughing, thanks for sharing your laughter.

4:52 PM  

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