Saturday, May 19, 2007

This week Irma came up to me with little pieces of Styrofoam in her hair. It should always be a red flag if someone comes up to you with little pieces of Styrofoam in their hair when you aren’t using little pieces of Styrofoam, but in fact, Styrofoam cups. Before I had the change to scold her for destroying the materials for our science experiment, she said to me, “Hello, I come from the Far North.” At which point I burst out laughing. It had to have come from a movie. I don’t think I ever used “Far North” exactly to describe coming from Michigan.

The weather has been glorious. And by glorious I mean heavily clouded to block the sun’s rays :) It has been ominous these past couple of days and I have been excited with the prospect of a thunderstorm (slim chances). Yesterday the nubes just couldn’t hold it any longer. It was the first downpour in months. The kids went nuts. They immediately jumped out of their seats to peer out the window and began to chant and sing in Spanish about rain. Good thing there was only about 5 minutes left until lunch so after heavily warning them about not getting “too wet” or splashing mud all over their uniform which would “make their mothers very angry,” we went to get a closer look at the rain. I have definitely learned that it is NOT worth it to go against a flow that strong. You just strive to keep their flow under your control. Way less stress. Way happier life.


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