Sunday, May 06, 2007

a story I recently shared with a friend...

so I´ve been trying to spend lots of my free moments wandering to different students´ homes to hang out with them and their families. I had Tuesday off from school and decided to go play at the house of one of my favorite families (mostly because I met the beautiful baby just days after she was born). When I go we usually play duck duck gooseand run through their tiny one room house in pursuit of the ducker.This time when I went into the house to set down my backpack, I was startled to see a big momma chicken in the corner. She had made her nest in the corner of their one room house! My student, Juan Carlos,went right over and lifted her off of her nest to show me all of theeggs she was sitting on to hatch. There were two little baby chicks just chillin´ and he told me that they had been born that morning. He encouraged me to try to pick up the mom, and laughed at my nervous false-starts. I didn´t want to hurt her! And I didn´t know where to grab! It was a good think I hesitated because when he reached down to show me how to do it she gave him a peck! I don´t know how sanitary it is to let a chicken and her babies live in the corner of your one room house, but that wasn´t what I was thinking at the time. I was thinking that it was all very Wendell Berry :)


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