Saturday, April 14, 2007

walk on the shady side of the street...

So I'm sweating back in Honduras again.

It’s hot. It’s really hot. I don’t want to touch anything or anything to touch me. Peter emailed to tell me that there was some wet snow that came down in Chicago, and I immediately began fantasizing about swimming in a slushy. Mmm. Such a nice thought. It hit 102 several days last week, and living in a house with no air and functioning in a classroom without even glass on the windows, it’s been a little toasty. A lot of sitting around in our bathing suits or in towels, staring into space, thinking about ice cream, and getting nothing done. Monday is supposed to be the hottest day of the year. But there are a lot of rumors. Other rumor: Either on April 17 or the 24 the suns rays are going to be so dangerous that we can’t have school because no one should go outside. They are calling it something that translates as “sun explosion,” though as appealing as that sounds, it’s not exactly what they mean. We are also having half days every day next week because of the heat. No one can concentrate or stay hydrated the way things are right now. It’s gross.

I’m not sure what I am going to do with all my free time next week. Maybe harass more principals about wanting me to teach for them next year. Maybe start a doctorate thesis. More likely, probably soak different parts of my body in a laundry bucket of cold water.

Life here is funny sometimes.

Last night we were such a sight. Laurence peeling a potato, Hilary eating half of a (bigger than a basketball) watermelon—digging in with a spoon. Anna in her school clothes covered in flour, hands sticky with dough, Bridget eating cornflakes for dinner on the front steps…all of us sweating profusely. We were sweating so much while eating dinner (outside even!) that we had to wipe off! I had to pull my shirt up and wipe sweat off my face and neck so that I didn’t sweat on my food! Oh gosh, I’m back to talking about how hot it is.

I got home from the internet place the other day to find Laurence prowling around the premises with a fist full of leaves. “What are you doing Laurence…” I asked him, baffled at the sight. “Looking for leaves.” And that was it. Later, near his work space in the house, there was a giant bag full of leaves. Bridget was going to use the phone, but was hindered by all of the leaves and asked, “Where did all these leaves come from?” “That’s just Laurence’s’ leaf project,” we responded. And that’s not weird at all.

It reminded me of the time that there was a glass jar full of dirt on the side of the kitchen sink for a couple of days. At least we thought it was dirt and assumed it was one of someone’s projects…like the avocado seed sprouting on the counter. A few days later, someone requested that the owner of the project take it elsewhere or despose if it. As it turns out, our Oregano bag had broken and the entire time it was a big jar of Oregano on the side of the kitchen sink. So odd.


Blogger grace said...

wow...anna does not look too happy in those volcano photos. :) (tell her that i say hello, by the way.) that's crazy...really crazy. i'm so glad you posted photos. those will be so fun to show off later!

5:00 PM  
Blogger June said...

You guys have the funniest mundane times!

3:01 PM  
Blogger HeatherK said...

i tried to grow an avodcado in a jar on th window sill but it never worked. what's your super honduran secret?

6:05 PM  

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