Tuesday, February 13, 2007

You’ve gotta love the internet joints that let you eat an ice cream cone while checking your email. This would never fly in the States ;)

I want to tell you about something that happened recently. I know I’m getting pretty terrible at telling you about things the day that they happen.

Wait! I do have something to tell you about from today! So, electricity out, right, (whoooole other story) so no bells. We just walk around saying “ding” really loudly before I ring my goodwill (purchased) cowbell violently to get the kids wandering in the far corners. At the ding, my kids are supposed to line up in our designated spot by our door. It is often common to find them playing dog and owner in the hallway (hopefully not with the class jump ropes also involved…), pushing and shoving, or doing the splits (You’d think they’d tire of doing the splits, but they really don’t). Sometimes I’m lucky if I find them even near the spot where they are supposed to be. Anyway, today I finished filling my water bottle, took a deep breath, and tried to mentally prepare myself for stepping into the hallway and facing the rest of the hot, fanless afternoon. The sight before me gave me both a wave of confusion and amusement because there, in two straight lines, were all of my students sitting on the floor, rocking from left to right, chanting something incomprehensible (later they told me, “uno, dos, uno, dos…) . In fact, kids from other grades had also joined in! So…you roll with it, right? I had them to the wave forward and backward :) and then started them rowing. As they chanted row, row, row, row—switching from left to right—I couldn’t help, but chuckle at the completely ridiculous situation.

This week is a long one. I feel like tomorrow should be Friday, but it’s only…Wednesday. The best news about that is that Grace is coming in one week!!!! AhhhhhH!!!!! I can’t believe it! It is strangely still so surreal to me. It probably won’t feel real until she steps off the plane. I can’t wait.


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