Monday, February 12, 2007

I think I’ve had a little too much free time on my hands lately. It’s better when I can keep busy. Much harder when I have time to start thinking about missing people that I love and start to worry about the future/jobs/applying/moving/leaving my team here. I’ve been trying to keep the free time in check—trying to use it to do things I’ve been meaning to get done (really pick up all of the crayons on my classroom floor). And instead of getting sad about missing people, sitting down and writing emails to keep in touch. My strategy to battle missing people: Write everyone (this only works if they write back). Another strategy: Get out of the house. When I feel down I would much rather be alone thinking about my misery. But I always try to do the opposite because I know it always takes my mind off stuff and drags me out of the blues.

SO, we went dancing in the city. It was my first time ever! I didn’t really want to go because by the time people leave for these kinds of activities is always after when I usually go to bed. But I felt it necessary to prove that I’m not totally lame-o, so I decided to go. Another reason for my hesitation was that we would have to ride in the back of a pickup truck. Real wind blown hair, right? Not exactly the reason for my hesitation…but anyway, Luis, who we refer to as nice twin (who knew there were two? I just thought he was around a lot!) showed up to escort 8 of us girls + Fermin out for a night on the town. We got all fancy, swapping clothes and jewelry, ooohing and aaahhhing over clothing items not brought out for everyday Cof. wear-al. We pulled out the make-up—Marilyn had to pry mine open with a knife because it melted shut (no joke) and I think Anna even blow-dried her hair. We should have taken a picture. The ride there was good—beautiful to look up at the stars. Too bad it was so windy that I had to keep one eye shut after a close call with my contact blowing out of my eye. We did, however, get stopped by the policemen with big guns on the way home—probably to ask Luis what the heck he was doing with 7 Americans in the back of his truck. The actual dancing experience was alright. It is more fun to have someone to dance with for the fun salsa and meringue, bachata and cumpio(?) songs (especially if they know what they are doing :)). Luis rotated to dance with all of us, but there was only so much he could do :) The place played the most random mix of music ever—from P.Diddy to the Beatles to classic salsa to techno. It was laughable and impressive at the same time. It was nice to get out.

Other random news:

They actually sell cornflakes popsicles. No, this is not some kind of sick joke. It even has its own name—a more sophisticated name than cornflakes popsicle.

I was making granola in the toaster oven when it started on fire. Not the granola, but the toaster oven. Something must be done.

Our blender is on its way out. We had actually retired it to the blender graveyard which we just recently sent to the trash (who needs various blender parts anyway?), but took it out after further testing. Since then it has acquired a crack in which it shoots out the liquid that you are blending. It is safest to blend with two people. One monitoring the speed and the other holding it shut. Maybe duct tape?

It is getting hotter. On Saturday when I went out on the back porch to assume the writing you from the hammock position, I turned around and walked right back inside. Similarly, when I arrived home from school today I almost immediately removed all unnecessary clothing, made a banana licuado, and found a place to write you from in front of the fan :) This could be a long summer (Feb-April…) I think amplifying the problem was the lack of electricity until 3pm today. If you remember from my earlier blogs the kiddos tend to strip and not learn when it gets above 90. This afternoon didn’t go well when there wasn’t a fan to blow around the warm air.

The extensive free time was due to a week full of half days (school ending at 11:15am) followed by a weekend with no plans. Today, being our first full day back at school, was one of the longer days of my life.

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