Saturday, May 19, 2007

My children have made it out of the present

That’s right. They now have a minimal vocabulary to communicate that things have actually happened to them in the past. It is beautiful when they whip out one of those words. Said, ate, went, was—all sweet sweet music to my ears. I couldn’t help but laugh when Orlando was trying to tell me something—I think he was actually tattling at the moment and he got a little caught in his words. The whole class paused while I called on Orlando for his statement, he sputtered, “He, he…He he he he…He SAID (which he yelled)” and I broke into a grin, which may or may not have been all that appropriate in the moment, and had to chuckle silently.

Sometimes I feel like my students and I are at about the same place in our ability to communicate in another language. I’ve got them beat at reading and writing though ;)


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