Sunday, December 10, 2006

some random pictures

The day we realized that we had all worn purple to school.
So last weekend we threw a little party. We actually thought it would be so little that we might be the only attendees. I was ok with that. More brownies and hummus for us (not eaten together of course). Then the DJ that we recruited showed up with a desktop computer full of music and a human (large human) sized speaker. It was then that we started feeling bad that we might be the only people at the party...who could we call? Ahhh! We were all dressed up, wearing the dancing shoes, but sitting around eating brownies! Once the music got going people popped out of the woodwork (concrete?) Neighbors showed up at the door. I mean, if you can´t sleep because the neighbor´s music is insanely loud, you might as well go dance! I got some good salsa, bachata, and meringue lessons from peeps with sweet moves. We ended the night with us gringas bouncing around to American pop music classics. Fun was had by all.

Ready for prom Cofradia :)


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