Monday, October 16, 2006

to Copan!

So we headed significantly west this weekend to a town called Copan. It is a town probably not too much bigger than our own Cofradia, but couldn´t be much more different. Copan is a major tourist hotspot, while Cofradia is somewhere where you could hide from the mafia. There really isn´t the chance of anyone wandering into Cofradia without a purpose (like to visit your super cool friend or something). There is a lot to say about my trip to Copan, but I have to head home to make a language arts exam for the kiddos, so this will be short for tonight. I actually might have you vote on what you want to hear about later ;)

Copan. What I will really take from that trip is the stories--the funny stories, sad stories, adventure stories, and inspiring stories. One of my favorite acquaintances was a man named Amir, a wandering farmer from Israel who I found reading a book in bed one morning (we stayed in a hostel). He had cascading blond dreadlocks and a flexible plan. He didn´t know how long he was staying in town or where his next destination would be. He was traveling for an undetermined amount of time--probably for a few more months, and when I asked him if he would return to Israel, he wasn´t even sure. Blew me away.

The other thing that struck me was the number of people that we met doing different things that they found on the internet: Spanish schools, teaching at a bilingual school in Copan, in Santa Rosa de Copan, being dive instructors on the Bay Islands. When meeting these other teachers I couldn´t help but think to myself that their experience could have easily been mine and mine theirs. Such an interesting thought.

I will write more when I get a chance, but I will leave you with a few photos.

Bridget, me, Anna, Olivia (a teacher at the Mayatan school in Copan and friend of Emily), Emily

The town cathedral

Honduras is full of beautiful flowers. This picture was taken at the Mayatan school where we went to visit.


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NICE photos!!!
please take many, many mucho many!
I want to start a biz of stock photos and would love to have your images -- for resale -- royalites too!!!
you are so talented! I loved the reading too.

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