Wednesday, September 27, 2006

So I feel like I have been neglecting the blog a little bit...lesson planning has been taking the front burner for a while as it probably should ;) But here is a little update for you until Friday when we have a half day and I will hopefully get a chance to tell you some amusing stories and post some pics :)

So the water has been sporatic, but is usually around for at least a half an hour every two days or so. Last night it rained for about 7 minutes, but it was enough time to throw on my bathingsuit and wash (and condition!) my hair. I honestly had no idea that it would make such a big difference on my mood whether I am dirty or clean, but it totally does. Right now I am just making some worksheets on my computer and making some beans. Beans are the biggest pain in my butt ever. Just so that you know. They are way more work than I ever imagined. Just for a few little wonderful morsels of goodness to put on my tortilla. So they should first soak for forever (ie. at least a couple of hours) and then they have to boil for forever (a couple of hours). And the water dries up so fast that you can't really do anything but monitor the beans because they are burning and/or need more water! Usually by the time they are done they have run out of water at least twice so they are half burnt AND the pan has become a mess to clean. So suppose that finally they are soft enough to eat. Then they go in the blender for some nice refried bean-esque texture. The blender is a whole other story! The other day I went to make a licuado (again friends, think smoothie) and all of a sudden giant ants came pouring out of the blender base. I hosed it off with water (prob not the best idea for an electrical appliance) but they continued to come out looking to attack. So our blender moved to live outside. But I wanted a licuado something furious so then went in search of an extension cord. Yes, ladies and gentleman, we blended using a 10 foot extension cord to the porch. As it turns out, the ants are living in the blender motor. Buuuut, after living on the porch for a couple of days the ants seem to have retreated. And we can blend inside once more.

Moral of the story: beans are hardly worth the effort.


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