Friday, September 22, 2006

Yesterday is worth documenting...

So many body fluids in one day…

It started with a nosebleed, three criers, and two bleeding cuts and scrapes before 9am. Then during P.E. one of my boys ripped the crotch of his pants. I spent the duration of my recess duty sewing his pants back together in the office when in walks one of my students who had explosive diarrhea in his pants. He is promptly stripped and wrapped in a sheet toga which he wears for the next two hours while his uniform is washed by hand and set out on the swing set to dry. During my sewing extravaganza I miss the pants with the needle and poke my finger so hard that I begin to bleed so profusely that I needed to stop sewing and search for a Band-Aid. After recess I go grab a snack at the glorieta (mini cafeteria) and I find one of my students (who is supposed to be in Spanish class) wandering around looking a little lost. As soon as I ask him what is wrong he throws up at my feet all over the pavement in front of the only bathrooms at school. When I go back to class and begin teaching, the same kid leans over and throws up in the middle of my classroom. I lean over and wipe it up with the toilet paper I keep in my classroom for the nosebleeds and criers, trying not to make a big deal about it, and trying to continue teaching as I clean up barf. Ugh. Quite the job I signed up for…

But the kids continue to blow me away with their English comprehension. It is amazing how fast they pick up on the words that I use ALL the time like “fighting” and “pushing” which they stick into sentences such as, “Miiiiiiiiiss, Fernando está pushing!!!!” I love it. Another good one is, “Tengo hot! (I have hot)” There are a few kids that still struggle. Yesterday I asked Rafael what he did after school and he answered, “Cornflakes.” To be fair, I do often ask them what they ate for breakfast. But when I repeated the question he said, “Yes.” We’re going to have to set up some tutoring sessions… :)

I am so sleepy or I would write more. I definitely have more to tell you. Tonight we had a party for ourselves—Monday was the holiday Teacher’s Day and though we had the day off from school, we took this evening to celebrate ourselves. It was like all the other Honduran gatherings we have been to—very relaxing and delicious food. Every gathering is like Thanksgiving. Mmm. But now I’ve taken my shower—stayed under the cold water until I determined that I am cold enough to fall asleep. So I am going to head that way.

Signing off.


Blogger ~*heather*~ said...

i miss you! i keep expecting to run into you in Johnny's or somewhere on the path, or around KH, and you're no where! it's sad.


12:32 PM  
Blogger hooshotjr said...

Mmm! Cornflakes! I haven't had those in AGES. Love it.

2:21 PM  
Blogger alissa (now) edwards said...

I had to keep my hands over my mouth so I wouldn't laugh outloud at work. ;)

12:35 PM  

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