Saturday, November 25, 2006

recent events in pictures....

my kiddos :)
Crazies that they are....

working´s an act... :)

Juan Carlos´ mother had her baby! A beautiful girl named Katherine. I met her when she was 8 days old. Here are some pictures of her with her proud brother and sister.

Trip to Tegus! This is where I studied three years ago!

Beautiful Zamorano where we took a few days to observe teachers and explore a prestigious agricultural university.

I met up with my host family in Tegucigalpa :)

And some SE love! (They were taller than I remembered...)

I observed and got ideas from another second grade at Zamorano. This is my new friend Marvin.

I ended up subbing on Tueday while the 2nd grade teacher took my administrator hiking!!!

It was freezing there! Or perhaps in the 70s...

Leaving Tegus, we had a beautiful sunset. On the road for 6ish hours and back to school the next day! I had missed my own 2nd grade!

More to come!!!


Blogger hooshotjr said...

It's in the 70s and those children are wearing winter HATS?! Love it! So cool that you got to visit the Tegucigulpa gang. Much love and I'll look more fully later...I'm running late (what else is new?)

5:34 PM  

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