Thursday, October 26, 2006

Tonight we lost power. Just like old times :) It did the quick dim and stayed there just long enough for us to comprehend what was happening before plunging into darkness. “The rice is done!” I called out from my spot at the stove not because the rice was really done, but because it had to be at that point. We moved all of the food onto the back porch and went in search of the matches to light the candles we quickly mobilized to locate. We sat down to enjoy our peaceful candlelight dinner when I noticed that the neighbors’ porch light was on. So not fair! What! And then we realized that since the power was out we had just hadn’t turned our back porch light on :) So we actually HAD power at that point. We only kept the light on about 30 seconds before deciding to go with the original idea of our candlelight dinner. I positioned the candle just right so that when I went in for the bite with the fork I actually came back up with food :)

I like that I could lie in the hammock and see the stars so well tonight.

The news that solidified some hope for my nosedive of a day that I previously categorized as hopeless: There is a package waiting for me in San Pedro. It will be the first thing that has made it to this country for me—except a stinkin’ postcard from Calvin telling me that the Spanish department newsletter is now online. Uuuugh, major major groan.

T. G. I. almost half-day F! Heading to San P for Anna's b'day celebration which will almost certainly include Baskin Robbins and a movie :)


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