Sarah's Adventures in Honduras

Saturday, March 17, 2007

We recently watched Marilyn learn about Sloppy Joes for the first time. The whole concept of it was so out of her schema—“How do you eat it?” and “Isn’t that thousand island dressing?” She was so incredulous that we couldn’t help, but chuckle. “She obviously never ate elementary school lunches,” was Anna’s response.

A random smattering of thoughts...

So we have a new teacher these days. His name is Laurence and he arrived a week or two ago to help us out with preschool and kindergarten. He was walking down the hall the morning after he arrived and, of course, my students all got up to gawk at him, being a new face in our territory. I invited him in for a quick introduction and allowed the students to ask him questions about himself. They were the standard, “What is your favorite color?” “Your favorite game?” “Your favorite animal?” Until it was Fabiola’s turn. She says to him, “Mister Laurence, are you a carnivore, an herbivore, or an omnivore?” with complete sincerity. I had to stifle a laugh—I think I might have even pulled that coughing, choking thing to cover up the uncontrollable giggle. Laurence handled it like a pro, responding that he is an omnivore :) I was so proud of Fab. We had just taken a test on it the previous week :)

I’m trying to think of other recent moments that have made me smile. Today I was going to make copies down the road and there were two horses randomly wandering down my street, meandering into the intersection unattended. I just wonder where they came from, who they belong to.

OH! Strange moment of the century. Well, maybe century is exaggerating a bit, but this left me flabbergasted. I was walking home from school today and made a quick stop to buy bananas. Then we went on our way walking home and a bus passed by (a bus always passes by). What made this time different was that Jill Girtz and Sylvee Harris—TWO CALVIN STUDENTS yelled my name and waved as they passed by in the bus! They must be on the Calvin Honduras semester, but I didn’t know that. And what are the chances that the bus they were on to go who knows where would pass me on my way home from school!?! If I hadn’t stopped to buy bananas, I probably wouldn’t have been passing at the right time. So so crazy. The world gets smaller by the minute.

Other news: we have 15 volunteers here from Claremont-McKenna College in CA so life is bustling with activity. It is fun to meet new people. They went through a rigorous application process to be able to come and spend their spring break volunteering at our school. So they all really want to be here. We’re trying to make it a fun, memorable experience for them.

Peter made it successfully and safely to Honduras on Friday night. It was so good to spend some time with him before putting him on a bus to El Salvador early Saturday morning. I’m really looking forward to him coming back next Monday and having him here in the Cof. for awhile. I’m assuming he made it to El Salvador…

It rained on Friday night. Thunderstorm rained. It was a beautiful sight. I don’t think it has rained like that since before Christmas.

I can’t believe how time flies.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

There has been a lot going on down here. The passing of time has brought many changes. Time and change happens in such an odd way here. Because the weather is always relatively the same, there isn’t that seasonal change that goes along with the progression of time. If you told me it was September, that I was being fooled all this time, I just might believe you.

Friday was one of those classic days that I always want to remember and treasure from my time here. Because of our short day of school, I was able to talk to a good friend on the phone, and then return home to read in the hammock. A good book—do you ever read something and it puts into words so many things that you have been thinking about life? It was one of those times. Where I wanted to have my journal handy to record the words I found to describe thoughts swirling around in my head. Emily motivated us to work out early—before dinner—since Lawrence’s welcome dinner would probably go late and give us reason not to work out :) It was pretty much like we were filming on location for some aerobics video. Marilyn, not in her workout clothes, danced around us, lip synching in support. Emily’s friend Dave, a current visitor, was pushed to the far edge of the back porch behind the hammocks with his binoculars at his eyes, bird book on his lap—totally ignoring the six awkward, sweating, jumping girls prancing, no lunging, around the porch to loud, energetic music. It was one of those moments where you can see yourself from the perspective of someone else and the whole picture just appears so ridiculous that you can’t help, but laugh. So Lawrence is a new member of our team—a friend of Hilary’s—who arrived on Friday. Of course he showed up just in time to catch all six of us, in sports bras belting out Ain’t No Mountain High Enough while doing step-ups on the back porch. We were all half in transition to towels—me in the shower—when we heard Brown Eyed Girl come up next on the music shuffle. We quickly abandoned changing and showering to dance around, singing into dumbbells. What a sight we were. What a sight. Afterward we kicked dinner into high gear, pumping out a delicious Indian food feast to welcome Lawrence as well as the guests in town. It was a good night.

I like those times.

It has been a busy time for me. Last time I wrote, Grace was on her way down. I got to spend five terrific days with her—showing her the ins and outs of my life here, and took a nice, relaxing trip to the beach. Then exams happened. Today, parent teacher conferences… Preparations for Peter coming! What a whirlwind! It hardly seems reality that when I sadly put Peter back on a plane for the United States, I go on spring break, and then it is the second week of April already!! It is kind of happy, sad, exciting, and overwhelming all at once. I’m starting to be forced to think more seriously about next year. I’ll keep you posted of course.

I have to go type up some cool stuff about dinosaurs, but stay tuned. I have more to tell you.